○ Payment method is paypal. Commissions over $50 USD can be paid in 2 halves: half of the total amount at the beginning of the order and the second half to receive the files.

○After the initial sketch or update is approved, there will be no refunds.

○ I only accept orders via email. Please email [email protected] if you're interested.

○Model must be credited to Hana @mechokkucity on twitter.

○Hana has the right to post the commission on social media after discussing the date with the client.  Private commission fee will be half the price of the original commission.

○ Hana only provides a service and doesn't have any responsibility over the content of the client.

○ The prices include 2 revisions per item, and each additional revision has a price of 15$.

○ That said, Hana reserves the right to deny a commission request if she considers the content of the potential client is offensive in any way or doesn’t align with the image and values of MisfitWorks, or in case she doesn’t have commissions open.

○ When commissions are closed, Hana can give some special slots to frequent clients. That depends on her availability.

○ Please specify the concept for the vtuber that will use the assets, as well as provide the necessary references (if there are any)

○ Delivery times can vary depending on the current slots taken and Hana’s availability, but they’re generally between a week and a month after order is paid. In extreme cases, it might take 2 months. Hana will let you know in case the delivery time increases.

By commissioning Hana, you agree with all of the following terms.

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